About Us

While there is hardly any room for second thoughts about the need for property valuation, there is also need to ensure that these valuers, whether individual or companies are working properly. To ensure this, there is a requirement that all property valuers must be registered and certified under the law.

We are a reputed company who do the job of issuing certification to real estate valuers. We have been doing reasonably well in this field and today we have quite a number of property valuers who are doing business after having received the certificates through our efforts. We are certainly an important link between the government authorities who issue these valuation certificates and the real estate property valuers.

The entire process of issuing a certificate is closely monitored by us and there are a number of due diligences that are done by us along the way. There is audit of each and every process to ensure that there are no slippages when the certifications are issued. We take a lot of care to ensure that each and every application for certifications goes through various checks and balances to ensure that it is 100% compliant from each and every point of view.

Further when a request for such certification comes from a real estate valuer, we as responsible intermediaries between government authorities and the valuation companies, don the mantle of friend, philosopher and guide and help them to be sure that all the requirements are met as far as the certifications are concerned. We also ensure that the whole process is completed within a short period of time by proper documentation and other such processes required under the law.

Once the certification is complete, we also conduct periodical audit and checks to ensure that the certification process is working fine and there are no slippages or loopholes. The fact that we are both customer friendly and at the same time very particular as far as following the law is concerned is perhaps the biggest reason why we are considered to be a big player in this field.

To conclude, please contact us for any requirements for issue of certificates for your property valuation business.